Willem - [El portafolio (4)]: Contactos

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Willem - [El portafolio (4)]: Contactos - Barcelona / Amsterdam - Real Free Press Foundation - 1981 - 1st edition - [14] pp - Stapled wrappers - 23 x 23 cm.

Condition: Good - the cover with wear and spots.

Underground artists book by the Dutch artist Willem (= Bernard Willem Holtrop, 1941-), presenting absurd cartoons (reminiscent of the work of Gummbah) and pornographic prints in black and white. Coordination: Joan Ramon. Fotolitos: Damians. Text in Spanish.

Edition: 1000 ex. Obscure edition, the fourth issue in the Portafolio series (of which 5 issues were published between 1979 and 1984). NCC: only three times in collection (Leiden, KB and UBA).

¶ The anarchist cartoonist Willem has been publishing cartoons since 1965 (including in Hitweek, Aloha, Libération, De Nieuwe Linie, HP/De Tijd and Hara-Kiri). In 2015, he escaped the attack on Charlie Hebdo; he was on his way to Paris when the terror attack happened.

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