Willem - Dames

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Willem - Dames - Amsterdam - Uitgeverij De Harmonie - 1977 - 1e druk - [32] pp - Papieren omslag - 16 x 18 cm.

Condition: Good - slight wear and spots on the cover.

New Year's gift 1977-1978 with absurd cartoons and erotic drawings of all kinds of 'Ladies' by the originally Dutch artist Willem (= Bernhard Willem Holtrop, 1941-). Text (of the colophon) in Dutch and English. Edition: 200 copies.

¶ The anarchist cartoonist Willem has been publishing cartoons since 1965 (including in Hitweek, Aloha, Libération, De Nieuwe Linie, HP/De Tijd and Hara-Kiri). In 2015, he escaped the attack on Charlie Hebdo; he was on his way to Paris when the terror attack happened.

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