Simon Vinkenoog - Tegenkultuur. Wat doen we ermee?

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Jan van Dienst [e.a.] - Tegenkultuur. Wat doen we ermee?. Als skriptiebegeleider trad op: Gerard de Haas - Amsterdam - [Private publication?] - [1972] - 1st edition - [222]pp - Softcover - 21 x 29,5 cm.

Condition: Good - ex-bibliotheca Simon Vinkenoog (see below for details).

Stenciled thesis on the Dutch 'Counterculture' in the late 1960s, early 1970s, made by "vier kursisten [four students] aan de Part-Time Opleiding Cultureel Werk te Amsterdam": Jan van Dienst, Ruud Fontijn, Ben van Koppen and Ronald van Zandwijk. Illustrated with reproductions (including psychedelic drawings) in black and white and auxiliary colours. With bibliography.

The dissertation is, among other things, made up of interviews with main figures from the underground movement in The Netherlands; i.a. Walter Declerck, Tonny Veuger, Rob van Esseveld, Simon Vinkenoog and Willem de Ridder. Scarce documentation.

¶ This copy (with wear, torn paper at p. 4) comes from the archives of Simon Vinkenoog, who commented on the work here and there with a pen and noted the year '1972' on the cover. There also appears to be a signature 'Gert-Jan Dröge' (?) At the top of the title page.

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