Willem de Ridder - Aloha No. 35 : Speciaal Kut Nummer - Officiele Kabouter Staatscourant

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Willem de Ridder [ed.] - Aloha No. 35: Officiele Kabouter Staatscourant van de Oranje Vrijstaat. Speciaal Kut Nummer - Amsterdam - Aloha - 1970 - 1st edition - 12pp - Newspaper - 31 x 45 cm.

Condition: Good - COMPLETE.

Underground weekly (biweekly, successor to Hitweek). This issue includes a negative review about Jimi Hendrix ('Iemand die voorbij gaat' (='Somebody passing by'), info about hash, an alternative cooking section, comics (on the backside by Robert Crumb). Text in Dutch.

With long article 'Meisje, je kutje is prachtig' (= 'Girl, your pussy is beautiful' by 'Germaine') on the controversial erotic photobook 'Doris' by the German conceptual photographer Gunther Rambow (full of close-ups of female genitals).

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