Phil Henderson - Extreme Curves: Phat Girls

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Phil Henderson - Extreme Curves: Phat Girls - New York - Amerotica / NBM - 2008 - 1st edition - 80 pp - Softcover - 21,5 x 28 cm.

Condition: Good.

Second collection with sublime pin-up drawings of voluptuous young "Rubens" women with large breasts and buttocks. Illustrated in colour. Text (minimal) in English.

¶ The pin-up artist Philip Henderson is affiliated with the American Extreme Curves website and makes his portraits after real existing models. The size is displayed for each portrait.

"Henderson’s Extreme Curves is back with another collection of outrageously lush babes, curvy enough to send your head into a spin. No skinny models here! Only Real WOMEN in all their unclothed beauty, lovingly painted for your enjoyment".

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