F.L. Wangen - Das üppige Weib - Sexualleben und erotische Wirkung [...]

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F.L. Wangen & O.F. Scheuer - Das üppige Weib - Sexualleben und erotische Wirkung, kunstlerische und karikaturistische Darstellung der Dicken Frau vom Urbeginn bis Heute - Wien / Leipzig - Verlag für Kulturforschung - 1928 - 1st edition - [240]pp - Cloth binding - 18 x 24,5 cm.

Condition: Good - neat book. Small leftover vignette on endpaper.

Antiquarian monograph on (the sexual life of) 'the fat woman' and 'fat ladies' in photography, art and culture. Illustrated with photos and reproductions in colour and black and white. With index. Text in German. Hardcover first edition. Self-contained part of the 6-volume series 'Allmacht Weib: Typologie der Frau'.

Huge documentation on fat ladies with large bosoms, and corpulent women with sumptuous Rubens' stature; i.a. buttocks fetishism, humor, cartoons, Fraulein Jokanda (M. von Lidl, the woman with 1000 tattoos) and the Venus of Willendorf.

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