Dr. Joachim Welzl - Das Weib als Sklavin

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Dr. Joachim Welzl - Das Weib als Sklavin - Die Frau in gewollter und erzwungener Hörigkeit, Das brutalisierte und misshandelte Weib, Die Sexualpsychologie der Masochistin - Wien / Leipzig - Verlag für Kulturforschung - 1929 - 1st edition - 216pp - Cloth binding - 18 x 24,5 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

Antiquarian monograph on female slaves in nude photography, art, eroticism and culture. Illustrated with photos and reproductions in colour and black and white. With table of contents. Text in German. Hardcover first edition. Self-contained volume of the 6-part series 'Allmacht Weib: Erotische Typologie der Frau'.

¶ Huge German (and thorough!) documentation about the woman as a slave, especially the sexual aspect with sadomasochism, sadism and corporal punishment such as spanking, whipping and bondage (fetish, BSDM).

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