Phil Henderson - Extreme Curves

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Phil Henderson - Extreme Curves - New York - Amerotica / NBM - 2004 - 1e druk - 80 pp - Softcover - 21,5 x 28 cm.

Condition: Good.

First collection with kinky pin-up drawings of voluptuous young "Rubens" women with big breasts and buttocks. Illustrated in colour. Text in English. This is most likely the FIRST EDITION.

¶ The pin-up artist Philip Henderson is affiliated with the American Extreme Curves website and makes his portraits after real-life photo models. The size is displayed for each portrait.

"Here are women that are curvy beyond belief. After you see these gals, who actually exist and posed for Henderson, you will forever cast away the Kate Mosses of the world! THESE are females!"

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