M.H. Székely-Lulofs - Rubber

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M.H. Székely-Lulofs - Rubber - Amsterdam - N.V. Uitgevers-Maatschappij 'Elsevier' - 1935 - 21ste en 22ste Duizendtal [= c. 10th printing?] - [4], 302 [2] pp - Hardcover - 15 x 21,5 cm.

Condition: Good - Binding restored by master binder Hans Zegveld from Nijmegen.

Debut novel by the Dutch journalist Madelon Székely-Lulofs (1899-1958), situated on a rubber company in East Sumatra during the Roaring Twenties. Bound edition in beautifully decorated binding.

¶ With this novel from 1931, Székely-Lulofs wanted to ask for understanding for the alienation that the circumstances in the former Dutch East Indies could cause between Dutch parents and children. The book was widely translated and made into a film in 1936.

This copy has a special WW2 dedication on the flyleaf from a previous owner from Wassenaar. In green ink is written: "10 mei 1944 / 4 Jaren oorlog. Wij wenschen het laatste!  [=  4 Years of war. We wish it to be the last!] / Tine & Fred"

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