[Carte Postale] - Kasteel & Jagershuis Enghuyzen bij Hummelo

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[Carte Postale] - Kasteel & Jagershuis Enghuyzen bij Hummelo [36 pieces] - Arnhem / [etc.] - JosPé / [etc.] - [ca 1900-1990] - 1st edition - [36] pp - Plastic binder - 24 x 31 cm.

Condition: Good.

Collection of 36 different old postcards ('cartes postales') of the Dutch country house and estate around the village of Hummelo in the municipality of Bronckhorst (Gelderse Achterhoek). Some of the cards (black-and-white / sepia, five polychrome) have been used (22) and 14 are 'as new'. They are CAREFULLY attached to an A4, glued at four points, always printed with specifications and housed in a plastic sleeve. The work of a loving collector.

Publishers of the (lithographed) postcards include G.J. Teerink and Hotel "De Gouden Karper" (both from Hummelo); R. Velsink, Firma W.J. Raadgeep, Doetinchem, La Riviere & Voorhoeve, Zwolle; F.J.W. Schreurs, Hoog-Keppel and Weenenk & Snel, The Hague. Period ca 1900-1950, most come from early 20th century, two are recent (1990s).

¶ The oldest mention of Enghuizen dates from 1326, when one Evert van Enghusen was the owner of  't Goet te groten Engehusen'. Both the first and the second castle were destroyed, the last one during an allied bombardment in 1945 at the end of World War II. The orangery and hunting lodge have been preserved.

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