[Carte Postale] - Kasteel Doornenburg in de Betuwe

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[Carte Postale] -Kasteel Doornenburg in de Betuwe [59 pieces] - Arnhem / [etc.] - JosPé / [etc.] - [ca 1930-1980] - 1st edition- 2 parts - [30]; [28] pp - Plastic folders - 24 x 31 cm.

Condition: Good set.

Collection of 59 different old postcards ('cartes postales') of the castle near the village of the same name in the eastern area of the Betuwe. Some cards (black-and-white / sepia, six in color) are used (14) most of them are 'as new' (45). The items are CAREFULLY attached to an A4, glued at four points, always printed with specifications, and put in a plastic sleeve. The work of a loving collector.

Publishers of the postcards include Antoon Hoogveld, W. van Kol, (both Doornenburg); George Flipse, Arnhem; KLM Aerocarto NV (aerial photo) and 'Vrienden van den Doornenburg'. Period ca 1930-1980; the lion's share from the 1960s, two from the 1920s, some recent (1980s, 21st century).

¶ On the site of Kasteel Doornenburg, there was already a fortified house in the 9th century, known as Villa Dorenburc. The monument consists of an outer castle and a main castle, which are connected by a narrow wooden bridge. It is one of the largest and best-preserved castles in the Netherlands (although badly damaged in the Second World War). In 1968 the television series Floris was filmed on this castle.

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