Gerard Reve - De avonden. Een winterverhaal

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Gerard Reve - De avonden. Een winterverhaal - Amsterdam - Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij - 2007 - 58th edition - [292] pp - Cloth binding - 12,5 x 20 cm. - Design: Studio Jan de Boer.

Condition: As new.

Anniversary edition of the debut novel by Gerard Reve (1923-2006). At the back, in facsimile reproduction in COLOUR and in transcription, the letter that Dr. Jacques Presser (1899-1970) wrote to his former student Reve, after reading this book. Hardcover edition.

¶ This classic of Dutch Literature was originally published 60 years earlier under the half pseudonym 'Simon van het Reve' in November 1947. The book is designed in the style of 'De kleine neurasthenicus'; the also reprinted self-help book (1922) by Dr. H.G. de Cock, which is considered a source of inspiration for 'De Avonden'. In this 'Beknopte handleiding tot ordentelijk leven', Reve also found the title of 'Het Boek van Violet en Dood'.

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