Arnon Grunberg - Dronken

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Arnon Grunberg - Dronken - New York - Kunst Editions - [July 1998] - 1st edition - Printed envelope with loose cards - 7.5 x 6.5 cm. - [Design: Pablo van Dijk].

Condition: Good set - COMPLETE. This is no. X.

Short poem, printed on very fragile rice paper. The text was handset from the 'Parisian' (an Art Deco-like font) by Richard Meneely. SIGNED by the poet. Edition: 26 alphabetically; 26 Arabic numbered copies. (and then 10 H.C.).

¶ This is one of twenty-six alphabetically numbered copies. With the publisher's business card, 'certified' by signature of the author as "worldwide exclusive publisher of limited editions and Tutelary of Arnon Grunberg" in publisher's envelope (13 x 7.5 cm.). Cf. Wuijts A31; Van de Wouw (2006) 128.

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