Willem van Lieshout [ed.] - "1984": A European Exhibition after Orwell's 1984

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Willem van Lieshout [sst.] - "1984": A European Exhibition after Orwell's 1984 - [Nijmegen] - Kluwer Algemene Informatieve Boeken BV - 1984 - 1st edition - [12], 316, [4] pp - Paperback - 17 x 24 cm. - Design: Ad Boogers.

Condition: Good - SIGNED by Klaas Gubbels ("20 Mar '10").

Catalogue of an international exhibition with 'Orwellian Art'; works of art based on the well-known dystopia 'Nineteen-Eighty-Four' (1949) by George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair, 1903-1950). Illustrated with black and white photos and reproductions. With list of participating writers and artists.

CONTRIBUTIONS from i.a. H.H. ter Balkt, Heinrich Böll, Jan Blokker, Robert Brandy, Peter Cox, Heinz Diesel, Christiane Durand, Ad Gerritsen, Klaus Groh, Wolfgang Hainke, Fred and KLAAS GUBBELS, Sabine Hoffmann, Dick Hillenius, Diederick van Kleef, Marcel van Maele, Jacques Maréchal, Richard Meier, Aloys Ohlmann, Joseph Orban, Hugo Raes, Hans Reijnders, Servé, Klaus Staeck, Willem Vermaase and Joachim Wagner.

¶ The '1984' artwork by Klaas Gubbels was once lost. The photo in this book is all that remains of it. In 2010, a 'Literair' T-shirt of the design was released in a limited edition. This copy comes from the archives of the publisher of that T-shirt; SIGNED by Klaas Gubbels ("20 Mar '10").

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