Simon Vinkenoog - Vinkenoog Verzameld: Gedichten 1948-2008

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Simon Vinkenoog - Vinkenoog Verzameld: Gedichten 1948-2008. Bezorgd door Joep Bremmers - Amsterdam - Nijgh & Van Ditmar - 2008 - 1st edition - 1228 pp. - Cloth binding - 15,5 x 23 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

The collected lyrical oeuvre of the ubiquitous Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog (1928-2009) with all the poetry written by the author from his twentieth to his eightieth year of life. With biography (by Derrick Bergman), justification, notes and register.

¶ Hardcover first edition (with reading ribbon) in typography by Henk Pel & Françoise Berserik and book cover design by Zeno. Indispensable, necessary and very attractively designed standard work.

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