Simon Vinkenoog - Vinkenoog Verzameld: Gedichten 1948-2008

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Simon Vinkenoog - Vinkenoog Verzameld: Gedichten 1948-2008. Bezorgd door Joep Bremmers - Amsterdam - Nijgh & Van Ditmar - 2008 - 1st edition - 1228 pp. - Cloth binding - 15,5 x 23 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

The collected lyrical oeuvre of the ubiquitous Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog (1928-2009) with all the poetry written by the author from his twentieth to his eightieth year of life. With biography (by Derrick Bergman), justification, notes and register. Hardcover first edition (with reading ribbon) in typography by Henk Pel & Françoise Berserik and book cover design by Zeno. ¶ Indispensable, necessary and very attractively designed standard work.

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