Chriet Titulaer - Toekomst in telecommunicatie

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Chriet Titulaer - Toekomst in telecommunicatie - Houten - Chriet Titulaer Produkties b.v. - 1988 - 1e druk - 128 pp - Hardcover - 21,5 x 30,5 cm.

Condition: Good - SIGNED by the author.

Overview of the history and technology of telephony, the state of affairs in the 1980s and a look at the future. Illustrated in colour and black and white. With glossary. Text in Dutch.

With attention to the invention of the first telephone by Sir Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 to the first (huge) "cell phones" of the 1980s, the prehistory of communication via the computer (videophones, video conference, long before Whatsapp and ZOOM), Minitel, fiber optic cable, ISDN, Modems, etc.

¶ Chriet Titulaer (1943-2017) was a Dutch astronomer and popular science writer who (as a television host of the science show 'TROS Wondere Wereld'), made science, inventions and technology accessible to a wide audience.

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