Chriet Titulaer - Het Robotboek

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Chriet Titulaer & Henk Gosses - Het Robotboek - Houten - Bruna BV - 1986 - 1st edition - 128pp - Hardcover - 22 x 28,5 cm.

Condition: Excellent - with Chriet Titulaer's signature. Collector's item for "geeks".

A great overview of robotics; robots in movies, industrial robots, home computers, DIY robots, the robot in space travel and toy robots. Illustrated in color and black and white. Text in Dutch. Published on the occasion of the 'robot day' of 11 May 1985.

¶ Chriet Titulaer (1943-2017) was a Dutch astronomer and popular science writer who (as a television host of the science show 'TROS Wondere Wereld'), made science, inventions and technology accessible to a wide audience.

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