S. Keyzer - De Koran, voorafgegaan door het leven van Mahomet [...]

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S. Keyzer - De Koran, voorafgegaan door het leven van Mahomet, Eene inleiding omtrent de godsdienstgebruiken der Mahomedanen, enz. Met ophelderende aantekeningen en historische aanteekeningen [...]. Bij het Nederlandsche publiek ingeleid door eene voorrede - Haarlem - J.J. van Brederode - 1860 - 1st edition - viii, 876pp - Cloth binding - 12 x 19 cm.

Condition: Condition: Vulnerable - wear all around, spine damaged.

Antique 19th century Dutch edition of the Holy Book of Islam after a translation by Albin de Biberstein-Kazimirski (1808-1887; Interpreter of the French Legation at the Court of Persia), Dr. Ludwig Ullmann, Dr. G. Weil (Librarian at the University of Heidelberg) and R. Sale (Professor at Oxford University). With table of contents and index. Bound edition in contemporary linen binding with gold stamped title on the spine.

¶ On the eve of the Civil War in the USA, Salomo Keyzer (1823-1868; teacher of Mohammedan Law at the Royal Academy in Delft) explicitly presented this publication in his introduction as 'not scientific' and calls it an 'advantage', since it book will thus find its way more easily to a large audience '. One year earlier the al-qoer'ān appeared in Dutch, in Batavia, translated by Mr. L.J.A. Tollens (1820-1874) but Keyzer's alkoran was reprinted five times between 1860 and 1925.

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