Renée Plate - Brieven aan mijn man

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Renée Plate - Brieven aan mijn man - Amsterdam - G.A. van Oorschot - 1965 - 1st edition - [136] pp - Cloth binding with dust jacket - 13 x 20 cm. - Design: [Helmut Salden]

Condition: Good - COMPLETE with the dust jacket. With wear, tears, stamp / name of previous owner.

Rare realistic novel in letter form about a young woman who demands from her husband an open marriage and sex with other men. The text previously appeared in the Dutch monthly magazine Hollands Maandblad (1961). On the flaps of the dust jacket advertising for the Dominoreeks. Hardback edition. cf. Vranken 730.

The blurb also contains a veiled sneer at 'Ik Jan Cremer'; "[dit boekje is] een verademing en welkome afwisseling naast het vele kunstmatige dat tegenwoordig over liefde en sex geschreven wordt en dat vaak ten onrechte voor literatuur doorgaat."

¶ Revolutionary girl power publication from the early 1960s. Renée Plate is the pseudonym of the Leiden writer / goldsmith Minke Menalda (1934-). At the time she was married to the Dutch poet/historian J.W. Oerlemans (1926-2011).

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