Nop Maas - Seks !... in de negentiende eeuw

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Nop Maas - Seks !... in de negentiende eeuw - Nijmegen - Uitgeverij Vantilt - 2006 - 1st edition - [240] pp - Paperback - 17 x 24 cm. - Design: Martien Frijns.

Condition: Excellent.

Collection of texts on moral history and pornography in the 19th (and early 20th) century. Illustrated with black and white reproductions (including book covers and title pages). With table of contents and index.

The book deals with i.a. Samuel La Mert, onanism (self-gratification; masturbation); abuse in the church, 'European court scandals' (1871-1873); the weekly Asmodée (1854-) and De Roode Duivel; Prostitution and 'Blanke Slavinnen'; the 'Middernachtzendeling'; Marquis de Sade and wholesaler De Noorderpost with early advertising for condoms.

Furthermore, Jacob van Lennep as 'Co Cassandra', Bram van Dort (Mademoiselle Céline); L.H.A. Drabbe, Job Steynen, Bernard Canter and homosexuality (Arij Prins, J.-K. Huysmans, Jacob de Haan, P.C. Boutens, Louis Couperus and Oscar Wilde).

¶ Also contains a bibliographic checklist of (the virtually disappeared) clandestine erotic publications of the 'Artistiek Bureau' from Rotterdam and A. van Klaveren from Amsterdam. Very useful reference work for antiquarians and collectors of EROTICA.

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