Marga Minco - De andere kant. Verhalen

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Marga Minco - De andere kant. Verhalen - Den Haag - Bert Bakker / Daamen NV - 1959 - 1e druk - [102] pp - Linnen band met stofomslag - 14,5 x 22,5 cm. - Vormg.: [Helmut Salden]

Condition: Good - COMPLETE with the rare dust jacket (with slight wear but very NEAT COPY).

Collection with 8 short stories about loneliness, by the Dutch writer Marga Minco (1920-). This was the author's second book and the stories 'Het adres' and 'Bomen' are a follow-up to her debut 'Het bittere kruid' (1957) [Bitter Herbs, 1960].

¶ This is the first hardback edition. Typography (book binding and cover design) by Helmut Salden. Cf. Vranken 273.

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