Marga Minco - Het Adres. 3 bekroonde novellen

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Marga Minco - Het Adres. 3 bekroonde novellen - Amsterdam - De Mutator NV - 1957 - 1st edition - 44 pp - Paper wrappers - 13 x 20 cm. - Design: Paul Telchuys.

Conditie: Goed.

Collection of short stories by Marga Minco, Mrs. Ingeborg Rutgers and Auke Jelsma; being the entries for a novella competition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Bureau voor Postreclame en Addressen De Mutator N.V. in Amsterdam. Illustrated by the Dutch artist Cees Bantzinger (1914-1985).

¶ The jury (Clara Eggink, Han G. Hoekstra and Jan Spierdijk) awarded Marga Minco's novella with the 1st prize. With brief biographical information and passport photo of the writer who made her debut the same year with 'Het Bittere Kruid' (at Uitgeverij Bert Bakker). This short story ties in with that and was first published here.


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