B. Dondorf - Küche [Hand-colored lithograph]

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B. Dondorf - Küche - Frankfurt am Main - B. Dondorf - [ca 1840] - [hand-colored lithograph; framed behind glass] - 43 x 35 cm.

Condition: Good - vulnerable due to paper type.

Antiquarian litho with beautiful culinary print depicting a kitchen scene; two women and a child within the interior of a 19th century cooking room. One woman stirs a pan by the stove, the other peels potatoes. Visible are i.a. a broom, a chopping ax at the oven, pieces of smoked meat and various kitchen utensils: pots, frying pans, a mortar. In the window frame hangs a hare, on the table is a shot goose, in the middle is a cat (alive and not intended for the menu).

¶ Very attractive product from the century of the industrial revolution, a search plate (numbered No. 80, possibly from a picture book or marketed as such by the playing card publisher / lithographer Bernhard Dondorf (1809-1902). Below are various keywords in gothic font ('Hausfrau, Kessel, Backofen, Kaffeemachine', etc.) In simple wooden frame (1950s?).

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