[Litho] : JH - De Kapper [The barber]

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JH - De Kapper - [N.p.] - [No publ.] - [c. 1850] - 1st edition - Print on paper - 14 x 22,5 cm.

Condition: Good - chip on the right of the page.

Lithograph ('steendruk' in Dutch; printed from the stone) with interior scene in a 19th century barbershop; a gentleman on a chair gets a haircut from a professional barber (with scissors visible in his apron). On the table a mirror and aftershave (?). Some model drawings on the wall.

¶ Probably from a book with various professions depicted; I have not yet been able to find out from which book this litho (signed JH in the print) comes from. Nice item to frame and/or to use as a gift to a brand new barber.

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