Joke Raviera [i.a.] - Candy Nr. 154 [Vrouwen over porno]

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Joke Raviera [i.a.] - Candy Nr. 154 [Vrouwen over porno] - Ridderkerk - Candy - [1981] - 1st edition - [116] pp - Paperback - 10,5 x 28 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

Dutch vintage sex booklet ("the National Scandal") from the 1980s edited by Joke Raviera and G.J. Lindenboom, filled with pornographic stories. Illustrated with photos in black and white and colour. With amateur advertisements.

¶ This issue with a nude model in Indian YMCA outfit on the cover and actually a Taylor Swift look-a-like in the back. Candy was founded in the late 1960s by Peter Muller who sold the sex magazine in 1973.

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