Jeroen Brouwers - Het mes op de keel

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Jeroen Brouwers - Het mes op de keel - Brussel / Den Haag - Manteau - 1964 - 1st edition - 128 pp. - Paperback - 12,5 x 20 cm.

Condition: Good.

The first collection of stories by Jeroen Brouwers (1940-2022); Orpheus, Dode vrucht, Geestelijke dochter, Thijmen Hoolwerf). Cover: Stefan Mesker. Author photo: Kees Jansen. Series 'grote Marnixpocket' (gMP) 10. With a check-list listing other titles in the series.

¶ This official debut in the literature, of Dutch journalist / writer Jeroen Brouwers (1940-), was unanimously burnt to the ground by criticism. According to Kees Fens, it "belonged in a literary fairground": "This judgment may sound harsh for a debut, but one does not have to be endeared at every cradle, especially when there is an ugly cat in the bed bag". Nevertheless, the book (edition 2000 copies) was eventually sold out. However,  the author never had the stories reprinted (except one). Cf. Vandenbroucke p. 55-61.

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