Katsuhiko Ota [ed.] - Harumi Gals Parco View 2

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Katsuhiko Ota [ed.] - Harumi Gals Parco View 2 - Tokyo 東京都 - PARCO 出版局 - 1978 [= April 1984] - [1st edition, 10th printing] - [100] pp - Softcover - 30 x 42 cm.

Condition: Good - no wrap-around band. Small stain on the cover.

Reprint of the overview of the work of Harumi Yamaguchi originally published in 1978 under the supervision of Tadanori Yokoo. Illustrated in black and white and COLOUR. Text in Japanese. The retail price at the time was 13,000 yen.

Large format book. The first edition included a yellow wrap-around band with advertising (called 'obi' in Japanese). It is not certain whether such an 'obi' was also supplied with the reprint.

¶ The Japanese artist and pin-up artist Harumi Yamaguchi 山口はるみ (1941-) has been using airbrush techniques to depict female models since 1972. This book also includes her pop-art portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich (Coca-Cola and Polaroid).

"Lorsque apparaissant pour se conformer au scénario de l’érotisme sur-mesure chez l’homme, Yamaguchi détruit les désirs masculins avec ses représentations exagérées. Par conséquent, le corps de la femme est idéalisé vers un royaume inaccessible pour les mains des hommes" - Chizuko Ueno (Wikipedia).

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