Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri - Glamour International Numero 13 - Entertainment for Adults Only

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Gianni Brunoro - Glamour International Numero 13. Entertainment for Adults Only - Firenze - Glamour International Production - Marzo 1989 - 1st edition - 96pp - Softcover - 30,5 x 30,5 cm. - Design: Antonio Vianovi

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Large format erotic magazine in book form. "Culo" Special with focus on women's buttocks, flagellation and spanking in art, comics, poetry and (old) photography. Contributions by / about Milo Manara, Baffo, Carlo Ambrosini, Leone Frollo & Eneg. Text in Italian, English and French. With cover illustration (a lying nude Druuna) by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri (1944-).

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