Milo Manara - Diva. Cinema 1951-1965

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Roberto Guidotti - Diva: Cinema 1951-1965 - Firenze - Glittering Images Edizioni d'Essai - 1989 - 1st edition - 96pp - Softcover - 26,5 x 33 cm. - Design: Stefano Piselli

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Special with essays on beautiful women, sex and kinky eroticism in old cult and B movies. With filmography and bibliography. Text in Italian, French and English. Cover artwork by Milo Manara.

Documentation and visual material from i.a. The Seven Year Itch, En cas de malheur, Too Hot to Handle, Il boia scarlatto, La Dolce Vita, Peeping Tom, L'amante del vampiro, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Federico Fellini, supplemented with erotic comics (pornographic scenes from the mentioned films) by Carlo Ambrosini, Horacio Altuna, Massimo Rotundo and Leone Frollo.

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