Gerard den Brabander - Later...beter! Nooduitgave

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Gerard den Brabander - Later...beter! Nooduitgave - [Amsterdam] - [Self-published] - Februari 1944 - 1st edition - [22] pp - Paper wrappers - 14 x 22 cm.

Condition: Fragile - somewhat spotty (authentic, as it should be).

Collection of poems by the Dutch poet Gerard den Brabander. Illustrated with a drawing ('Verzen op pleepapier') and a drawing on the cover by Hep van Delft. Printed on paper with K number K5099.

¶ Gerard den Brabander was the pseudonym of book cover designer Jan Gerardus Jofriet (1900-1968). This collection was hectographed (and bound with a ribbon) by the poet himself in an edition of approximately 150 copies. 20 copies were made with a 'coloured' cover drawing. Cf. De Jong 110; Not in Simoni.

Photo (by Emmy Andriesse) courtesy of Wikipedia.

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