Geïllustreerd Zondagsblad Arnhemsche Courant

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Geïllustreerd Zondagsblad van de Arnhemsche Courant: [3 years; 1924,1925,1926] - Arnhem, Koningstraat 14,15 - Arnhemsche Courant - 1924-1926 - 1st edition - 3 volumes - 424; 416; 416 pp. - Cloth bindings - 25,5 x 32 cm.

Condition: Vulnerable set, part 1926 excellent, part 1925 back panel damage, part 1924 spine strip loose; all volumes interior paper discolored. See pictures.

Year 3, 4 and 5 of this door-to-door newspaper for Arnhem and the surrounding area. This Sunday newspaper ("Zondagkrant") brings one close to the history of daily life in the Gelderland capital during the roaring twenties and before the Second World War destroyed the city. Illustrated with many black and white photos of streets, buildings, Sonsbeek park, Soccer sport (Football club Vitesse), nostalgic advertisements and the "Woman's section" with the latest Art Deco fashion.

¶ Very valuable documentation for those interested in topography and regional history of Gelderland in general and Arnhem city history in particular. Collectors item for collectors of rare Arnhemiana.

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