Ernst Braches - Nieuwe Kunst. Documentatie

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Ernst Braches - Nieuwe Kunst. Toegepaste Grafiek & Documentatie - Amsterdam - Uitgeverij De Buitenkant - 2006 - 1st edition - 1096 pp - Hardcovers in box - 21 x 29,5 cm. - Design: [Jan de Jong].

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Description of the rich collection of 'Nieuwe Kunst' (formerly the "Collection B.") in the Leiden University Library. Illustrated with reproductions of book bindings, graphics, sheet music, etc. With bibliography and index. This documentation was the basis for the thesis 'Het boek als Nieuwe Kunst, 1892-1903', with which the author obtained his doctorate in 1973.

¶ With utility graphics by artists such as Marius Bauer, K.P.C. De Bazel, H.P. Berlage, Nelly Bodenheim, Antoon Derkinderen, G.J.W. Dijsselhof, F. Hart Nibbrig, J.B. Heukelom, Theo Van Hoytema, Isaac Israëls, Edzard Koning, R.N. Roland Holst, Sjoerd H. De Roos, Johan Thorn Prikker, Jan Toorop, J.G. Veldheer and L.W.R. Wenckebach.
Crushing standard work, 3.5 kilos and more than 2600 illustrations. The paper edition was printed "on demand"; an even smaller edition was bound in two volumes.
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