[Curio] Djokja Cigarette Case

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[Tobacco Culture] Djokja Cigarette Case - [N.p.] - [No publ.] - [c. 1930] - Silver box - 7,5 x 11,5 x 1 cm.

Condition: Good - unpolished.

Antiquarian cigarette box, handmade from embossed .800 silver, from colonial Java, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). On the lid a relief with lotus leaves. On the back a mark "SD" and the content 800. The weight is 126 grams.

¶ According to the previous owner, this object was taken back to the Netherlands in 1948/1950 by his father, who served as a KNIL soldier. The lock and spring mechanism are intact; the cord to hold the cigarettes is loose but present. Nice piece of silverware.

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