F. Bordewijk - Bint [Facsimile]. Roman van een zender

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F. Bordewijk - Bint [Facsimile] - Roman van een zender -[Den Haag] - [Nijgh & Van Ditmar] - 1984 - 1st edition - [134], xpp - Cloth binding - 14 x 21 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

"De Bree zijn denken was hoekig en norsch" [De Bree's thinking was angular and gruff]. This is how the classic novel by Mr. Ferdinand Bordewijk (1884-1965) about the brutal power struggle between substitute teacher De Bree, director Bint and class 4D.

¶ Facsimile jubilee edition of the first bound edition (Utrecht, De Gemeenschap, 1934), issued on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the writer in an edition of 2000 copies. With an afterword by Harry Scholten reproducing a letter from Bordewijk to A.J. Schneiders on the book binding design (now attributed to A.M. Oosterbaan).

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