Cornelis Jan Aarts - Boekenjacht. Verhalen uit de boekenwereld

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Cornelis Jan Aarts - Boekenjacht. Verhalen uit de boekenwereld - Leiden - Uitgeverij Fragment - 2020 - 1st edition - 248 pp - Cloth binding with dust jacket - 15,5 x 22,5 cm. - Design: Huug Schipper.

Condition: Excellent.

Grand and compelling account of the bibliophile hunt for special and rare books, the publishing of the same and memories of (long gone) antiquarian booksellers and other collectors. Illustrated with photos and reproductions in COLOUR (title pages, book covers). With bibliography and no less than THREE indexes. Text in Dutch Hardback edition. Print run of 450 copies.

Because of the useful tips and facts (and the overview of CJ Aarts' own publications) this has become an indispensable reference work for current antiquarian booksellers and collectors.

¶ Dealing with i.a. F. Bordewijk (Knorrende beesten!), Jacob Israël de Haan, Havank, Drukkerij Jan de Jong, Chang Chi Lan-Ying, Pieter Terpstra (De Schaduw, Zwarte beertjes pockets by Dick Bruna), Kees Lekkerkerker, Willem Elsschot, Boudewijn Büch, Serge Sitniakowsky, AC Baantjer, Gerrit Komrij and many more. This is a RECOMMENDED READ.

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