Adolf Hitler - Mijn Kamp. Onverkorte uitgave

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Adolf Hitler - Mijn Kamp. Onverkorte uitgave - Ridderkerk - Uitgeverij Ridderhof / Europaboek - 1982 - 1st edition [thus] - xxviii, [4], [852], [4] pp - Paperback - 12 x 20 cm.

Condition: Excellent (appears unread, which may be for the best).

Dutch translation of 'Mein Kampf', the infamous book by Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). Illustrated with a black and white portrait photo of "the Führer" as the frontispiece (and below it his signature in facsimile). With table of contents and index. Illegal softcover edition (the book was banned in the Netherlands at the time based on copyright).

Hitler wrote his memoirs while in captivity, after he had attempted a failed coup as leader of the DAP (a predecessor of the NAZI party) in 1923 (the 'Bierkellerputsch'). The book was edited by Rudolf Hess and initially published in two parts (1925/1926). The first edition of the Dutch translation by Steven Barends (1915-2008) appeared in December 1939. Cf. Groeneveld p. 32; 59-65.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We do not in any way support the ideas in this book, but offer the object merely as the historical curiosity that it is.

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