ZULU-LULU : The Newest Swizzle Stick Sensation

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[Curio] - ZULU-LULU. The Newest Swizzle Stick Sensation - Made in Hong Kong - ca 1965 - 6 bakelite sticks on board - 27,5 x 22 cm.

Condition: Good - complete set. fragile material.

Each of the six "zwizzle sticks" represents a black Zulu woman of a certain age with corresponding breasts, from perky as a fifteen-year-old to straightforward "hanging tits" in her 40s. Apparently, the women over that age were no longer even suited to serve as stirrers.

¶ These stir sticks (height approx. 15 cm each) are not only jaw dropping racist, they are also extremely unfriendly to women. However, over half a century ago, this was just humor. The product "will make your guests" bust "out laughing!" the packaging states ("Made in Hong Kong"). Bizarre but museological curiosity.

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