[Goed Wonen] - Vierde jaargang 1951

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W.H. Gispen & B. Niegeman-Brand [red.] - Goed Wonen. Vierde jaargang 1951 - Rotterdam - W.L. & J. Brusse NV - 1951 - 1st edition - 12 issues -Cloth binding - 21 x 28 cm.

Condition: Good set - COMPLETE in the publisher's original supplied linen binding + 2 extra issues from 1950 (No 2-3 and 12). In addition, with an original paper invoice from Brusse.

Magazine with a contemporary overview of 1940s / early 1950s interior design and interiors (living rooms, kitchens, (design) furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, etc.). Illustrated with black and white photos and maps. Edited by A. Bueno de Mesquita, Hein Salomonson and Mrs. M. Harmsen. Text in Dutch. Cf. Huisman / Gaillard p. 145-146.

Valuable documentation. Volume 4 contains nostalgic advertisements (for Philips 'Argenta' Lamps, Gispen Culemborg, Gebr. Van Wijk blankets, Goed Wonen furniture (with prices), Van Houten Cacao, Drusen washbasins, Goedewaagen pottery, Pastoe furniture, the Rietveld armchair, "Gas altijd heet water", Fridor type 524 radio).

Furthermore, contributions and specials by / about (an In memoriam for employee) Louise Krienen, 'het interieur van Aldo van Eyck', Max Bill (utensils), Wallpaper & wall hangings, Toys, the housing law 1901, duplex houses, SHELL butagas, Harriët Freezer, presentation of household appliances (Fridor sewing machine, Holland-Electro vacuum cleaner, Olivetti typewriter, Locomotive Dutch Bike, etc with sales prices!). Photography by, among others, Jan Versnel.

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