Vrouwkje Tuinman - Tijdelijk verblijf

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Vrouwkje Tuinman - Tijdelijk verblijf - Amsterdam / [Tilburg] - Cossee / Stichting Tilt - 2021 - 1st edition - 96 pp - Paperback - 11,5 x 19 cm. - Design: Irwan Droog.

Condition: Good - SIGNED by Vrouwkje Tuinman and dated '4 sep 21'. With sticker "Gesigneerd Exemplaar' on the front cover.

Brabants Boek Present 2021; a novella set in Eindhoven after World War II "a young widow builds a future for her children in the late 1950s." Text in Dutch. Author photo: Luuk Huiskes.

¶ Het Brabants Book Present is a kind of book week gift for writers, bookshops and readers from- and in the Dutch province of Brabant. The initiative has existed with the support of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds since 2019. Earlier BBPs were written by Henk van Straten and Jeroen Thijssen (2020).

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