"Ued. dienstw." - Aan mijne agenten

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"Ued. dienstw." - Aan mijne agenten - Groningen - Gedrukt bij Van Heijningen, Bosch en Comp. - Juni 1875 - 1st edition - [20] pp - Paper wrappers - 13,5 x 20,5 cm.

Condition: Fragile - cover has a chip and rust stains.

A cask of distilled spirits from a distillery in Sappemeer was arrested in 1874 by officials (near Veendam or Stadskanaal) on suspicion of fraud. With this pamphlet, the manufacturer tries to clear its name in front of its representatives. With a statement of the amount of barrels delivered 1864-1873. Center stitched covers.

¶ Obscure item. Not present in public collections. The author is anonymous but outraged. It could be the Groningen industrialist Willem Albert Scholten (1819-1892) who around the time this booklet was published, owned a potato malt wine roaster in Sappemeer providing work for 60 employees.

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