Tom Mertens & Ellis Jansen [a.o., ed.] - Love Nr. 33 [Het naaikamertje]

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Tom Mertens & Ellis Jansen [e.a., red.] - Love Nr. 33 [Het naaikamertje] - Dubbeldam - Studio - 1973 - 1st edition - [96] pp - Stapled wrappers - 15 x 21 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

Vintage 70s Dutch porn booklet edited by Benny Schouten and Sonja Verbeek next to the already mentioned. Illustrated with photos in black and white and COLOUR. With letter section and personal advertisements. The design resembles publications (such as TUK) from De Vaar (Dordrecht).

¶ One of the many sex magazines published after the legalization of Pornography in the Netherlands. This issue includes a comic strip 'Heer Halewijn' by Eric Treffers, a 'mort douce' among prostitutes and a story with the appropriate title 'Het naaikamertje'.

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