[Sinterklaas] in: Hamer Maandblad Nr. 3 - December 1940

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Nico de Haas & J.C. Nachenius [red.] - Hamer Maandblad. 1e Jaargang Nummer 3 - Den Haag - Uitgeverij "Hamer" - December 1940 - 1st edition - 32 pp - Stapled wrappers - 27 x 36 cm.

Condition: Good - with wear, small tear at the bottom of the cover.

National Socialist Folklore Journal from the Nazi Occupation Period in World War II. Illustrated with black and white photos and reproductions. Rare. Not in public collections.

This Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet special includes 'Midwinter in Oud-Friesland' by S.J. van der Molen, 'Ice Skating in Friesland' by Diederik van Loo and an extensive article about the Sinterklaas festivities by D.J. van der Ven: 'Van Klaaskerel tot Kerstman' (dealing with the Groninger Boerensinterniklaas, the Sunnerkloas, the Limburg Stevensmannen, Gelderland Klaaskerels, the Veluwse Santerkloaskeerl, the American Santa Claus, the North German Wode or Herr Winter) and image of the painting Saint Nicholas Eve by Jan Steen.

¶ Cf. Groeneveld p. 155. Hamer was published in 4 volumes from October 1940 to (at least August) 1944, edited by Nico de Haas and Gerda Schaap. The magazine proclaimed the cultural ideas of the Dutch SS and its task was to popularize folklore studies in the Netherlands with photo series about old customs, costumes, folklore, runes and Germanic gods and symbols. Even useful as documentation, but the tone of the text is often quite "sour" and peppered with anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric full of the superior Aryan race, "Blood and Soil" and the drawbacks of capitalism. In addition to the regular publications, various extra theme specials were also issued.

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