Revue Illustrée - Volume 20: Juin-décembre 1895

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René Baschet [directeur] - Revue Illustrée [Volume 20: juin-décembre 1895] - Paris - Librairie d'Art: Ludovic Baschet, éditeur - [1895] - 1st edition - [6], 424pp - Cloth binding - 26 x 33 cm.

Condition: Good - with wear, corners dented, ribbons are missing. Rare.

Bound half year of this 'glossy' fin-de-siècle art and culture magazine (which existed between 1885 and 1912), dealing with news, fashion, literature, furniture, (applied) art and theater. Illustrated with photos in colour and black and white. With table of contents. Hardback edition in light blue cloth binding with gilt decoration and title on front cover and spine.

¶ Includes cartoons by A. Pons and 'Mars' (swimwear), a report on toilets and sanitary facilities, an exhibition of Napoleon Bonaparte's belongings (including the stitch he wore at Waterloo), a travelogue to Finland, Hamburg, Kiel and Copenhagen, a pastiche on the diary of Edmund and Jules de Goncourt 'Journal des Frères Zemganno' (by two other brothers Jean et Pierre Veber), beautiful images from the play Phèdre with Sarah Bernhardt and stories / contributions from / about Ballet and dance, art nouveau fans, Louis Pasteur, Henri Irving, Francisque Sarcey, Georges Redon and Ernest Héber.

Divided into four episodes, this album also contains the complete early science-fiction serial 'Un roman dans la planète Mars' by André Laurie, a pseudonym of the French writer Paschal Grousset (1844-1909) who previously collaborated with Jules Verne and once dueled with the nephew of Emperor Napoleon. This SF story appeared almost twenty years before Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars (John Carter) from 1912.

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