Maria E. Catlow - Popular British Entomology

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Maria E. Catlow - Popular British Entomology: Containing a familiar and technical description of the insects most common to the localities of the British Isles - London - Reeve And Co. - 1852 - 2nd edition - 280 pp. - Cloth binding - 13,5 x 17 cm.

Condition: Good copy, only minimal rust, front end leaf stuck to cover (probably to hide ex-libris). Desirable item.

Antique insect guide with inventory of British insect species. Illustrated with frontispiece and 15 chromolitho plates with 68 beautifully displayed beetles, butterflies, moths and other insects. Lithography by W.W. (the plates are not bound chronologically). With register.

¶ Beautiful 19th century luxury binding with gilt and stamped title and decoration.

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