Stephen Snelders - Pan Forum [Complete set]

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Stephen Snelders [ed.] - Pan Forum: Kwartaalbulletin Psycho-Actief Netwerk - Amsterdam - Bres BV - 1995-1998 - 1st edition - 10 parts - Stapled wrappers - 21 x 28,5 cm.

Condition: Good - ex-bibliotheca Simon Vinkenoog (not visible). No. 7/8 is double number. This is EVERYTHING that appeared.

Ten episodes (incl. Zero number) of this 'Information bulletin on research into changing states of consciousness using psychedelic substances [LSD, marijuana, ayahuasca, psilocybin, magic mushrooms, etc.]'. Ten issues appeared between October 1995 and October 1998; a 0-number was published in May 1995. Text in Dutch.

Rare magazine, only the KB (the Royal Library) houses a set.

¶ Contains contributions from / about: Rick Doblin (Psychedelic Research in the US), Jan Wiese (Medical Aspects of Ketamine), Mr. A.G. van der Plas (Legal aspects of the use of psychoactive substances), Jan Sennema (the use of mushrooms), facsimile of Aldous Huxley's last note (request for LSD administration on his deathbed), IM Timothy Leary (1920-1996), Hans Plomp (the love elixir 2-CB), Hans Bogers (Shamanism, sacred plants and their cultural context; Peyote the sacred cactus; the Santo Daime teaching), Rick Doblin (Psychedelic research in the US part 1) and Jos ten Berge (Film scenarios around LSD in the 1960s in America; Samuel Coleridge and Opium), In memoriam Allen Ginsberg, Gustav Meyrink (Hashish and Clairvoyance), Hans Dupont (Bad Trips and other risks), Reinoud Bosman (XTC parties and depressions), Dries Langeveld (Tripping on Ginseng), Witchcraft, Witch Hunt and Hallicinogens, Peter Lamborn Wilson (Islamic Heresy: the use of wine, hemp and opium) and Simon Vinkenoog (In memoriam GW Arendsen Hein; Eight letters by Aldous Huxley, chosen and translated; 'Zonder vooroordeel' (= Without prejudice) 1968-1998: a discussion with J.P. Klautzt about LSD in the 1960s).

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