P.W. Gunther - Oud Arnhem

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P.W. Gunther - Oud Arnhem: Aangeboden door P.W. Gunther, Rijnstraat 73a / Steenstraat 50 Arnhem - Arnhem / Utrecht - P.W. Gunther - [ca 1910] - 1st edition - Loose-leaf in portfolio - Oblong 34 x 28,5 cm.

Condition: Good.

Folder with 12 separate light print reproductions of old prints and cityscapes of Arnhem plus a table of contents (a.o. a View of the Marktplein, a city map, the Walburgiskerk, the Koepelkerk, the Duivelshuis, Musis-Sacrum). But especially nice are the nostalgic (art nouveau) advertisements of the companies that sponsored the publication. P.W. Gunther was a cigar trade company with branches in Arnhem and Utrecht. ¶ Rare item, not in public collections.

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