F. Kerdijk - Orde en Harmonie in het Rijk der Kleuren [summary of Ostwald's colour theory]

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F. Kerdijk - Orde en Harmonie in het Rijk der Kleuren - Een korte samenvatting van Ostwald's kleurenleer, met 3 kleurenplaten en 22 afbeeldingen in den tekst - Apeldoorn - Talens & Zoon - 1927 - 1st edition - [66] pp - Hardcover - 14,5 x 20 cm.

Condition: Good - ex-bibliotheca artist Jacob Ruijling with his signature (in pencil). Slight wear, faint spots.

Dutch edition with a brief introduction to the colour theory of the German chemist and Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Ostwald (1853-1932). Illustrated with drawings and with folding colour plate (3 images) in the back.

¶ Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald was one of the founders of physical chemistry and also a passionate amateur painter. In 1916 he published 'Die Farbenfibel' (the color bible), a book that had important influence in Germany. His colour theory was influenced by Albert Munsell's, and in turn he influenced Paul Klee and members of De Stijl, including Piet Mondriaan.

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