Marten Toonder - Tom Poes en de Laarzenreuzen

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Marten Toonder - Tom Poes en de Laarzenreuzen - Amsterdam-C. - Uitg. de Muinck & Co. - [1948] - 1st edition - [32] pp - Half cloth binding - 21 x 27 cm.

Condition: Good - complete and NEAT BOOK.

Antique picture book with the first draft of an anthropomorphistic story by Marten Toonder (1912-2005), which was published in 1941 in the newspaper De Telegraaf under the title 'Tom Poes en het geheim van de Blauwe Aarde'. Bound hardcover edition with linen spine. Cf. Matla BOMME 9.1.

¶ Het geheim der Blauwe Aarde (De Laarzenreuzen) [= The Boot Giants], is the first story from the Bommelsaga, written and drawn in collaboration with Toonder's first wife Phiny Dick (1912-1990), during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II by Nazi Germany (those other 'boot giants'). Many 'Heer Bommel & Tom Poes' stories would follow.

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