Marga Minco - De glazen brug

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Marga Minco - De glazen brug - [Amsterdam] - Stichting CPNB - 1986 - 1st edition- 96 pp. - Cloth binding - 13 x 20,5 cm.

Condition: Excellent, COMPLETE with the offer card and the spine not discolored.

Book Week Gift 1986 with novella by Marga Minco (pseudonym of Sara Menco, 1920-2023), just like 'Bitter Herbs' situated in Jewish life during and just after the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during the Second World War. Typography: Rick Vermeulen HW. Photography: Pieter Vandermeer.

Cf. Blom p. 16-18.

¶ This is the hardcover edition, specially made by binderij Callenbach in Nijkerk, for friends and relations of the author, CPNB and Uitgeverij Bert Bakker. This version is NOT rare; probably the circulation was not - as usual - around 200 but rather about 500 copies of which the publisher gave copies as gifts to 'friends and relations' even years later.

The hardcover can of course be called 'limited' compared to the edition of the regular version (almost half a million!) But the only thing about this gift that is really scarce is the official offer card that was included with the books that were distributed before and during the Boekenweek and copies of which the spine is not discolored.

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