Lot with 4 Wiccan Rede magazines

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Merlin & Morgana [e.a.] - [Lot with 4] Wiccan Rede [magazines] - Zeist - Wiccan Rede - 1985-1986 - 1st edition - Stapled wrappers - 15 x 21 cm.

Condition: Good set - ex-bibliotheca Simon Vinkenoog; last issue with stains on the cover.

Wiccan Rede was an independent pagan occult magazine published between 1980 (long before Harry Potter made witchcraft popular again) and 2010. Articles on The Craft of Magick, Pagan Parenting, Witch Hunt, Symbolism of Ankh and Pentagram, Flower Magic, etc. by Kees Poek and anonymous authors (who call themselves 'Merlin' or 'Jana'). Text in Dutch and English.

¶ These are 4 separate vintage episodes: Autumn and Winter 1985 (Volume 6, No. 2-3 and 4) plus Spring and Summer 1986 (Volume 7, No. 1 and 2), from the archive of the Dutch writer Simon Vinkenoog with the name of his wife Barbara (Mohr) in the first issue. Old numbers of this subculture periodical are rare.

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